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Peter Campion ’87 – Dublin, Ireland

The motorcycle and its rider crested the hill en route to the house where the wake was in progress. Suddenly, the bike hit a patch of black ice, and the motorcycle slid out from underneath the rider, carrying both down the street, past the house and the collection of men standing outside having a cigarette. Once the motorcycle came to a stop, the rider picked up the bike and walked back up the hill to the house. After kicking out the stand of the damaged bike, the rider removed his helmet, unzipped his leather jacket, shook out his cassock and strode towards the door. Reverend Peter Campion ’87 had arrived at his first official duty in his new parish in Belfast.

Peter and his wife Rebecca at the 350th Anniversary of King’s Hospital School at St.Patrick’s Cathedral

Peter Campion graduated from Bishop’s with a degree in Psychology in 1987. He had originally enrolled in math and science, but once he had decided to enter the clergy, he changed his major. Peter says, “The great thing about Bishop’s is the ability you have to change course without losing the credits you’ve accumulated. The other great thing about a liberal education is the chance to study subjects outside of your major. I was able to study history, art and music with the advantage of taking a four-year degree since I enrolled from Grade 12 in New Brunswick.”

After Bishop’s, Peter went on to study Theology at Trinity College in Dublin, following in the theological footsteps of his father, grandfather, and uncle. He was required to sign a letter of intent to serve on the island of Ireland for five years. His first parish was in a very rough district of Belfast after his ordination in 1990. The “troubles” were still quite evident at this time and in fact, the location of his ordination had to change because the church where it was to be held had been bombed in the week leading up to the ceremony.

Peter was involved in various committees and clubs at Bishop’s, but it was on the rugby pitch where he excelled, playing for some of the first teams at Bishop’s under Coach Bill Robson. In his younger days, he had also been a highly touted hockey player.  It was his skill at this game, as well as his status as a national player (his father is from Belfast), that caught the eye of the Belfast Giants, a professional team in the Scottish Premier League, which featured former Quebec Major Junior and North American professional players. Even though only playing home games, Peter ranked in the top ten in league scoring for the three seasons he played.

Peter then proceeded to Cambridge University for a degree in Education, and it was there he met his future wife, Rebecca. They returned to Dublin in 1994 to fulfill Peter’s five-year obligation to the Church of Ireland. He worked as a Curate and led the choir at Taney Parish from 1994-1996 and as Dean’s Vicar at St. Patrick’s Cathedral from 1996-2000.

In 2000 they were on the move once again, this time returning to Canada and Peter’s former school, Rothesay-Netherwood School, in the town of Rothesay, N.B. Peter and Rebecca both taught at the school, while Peter served as Chaplain and coach to various teams, including rugby.

They would return to Dublin in 2005 along with their young daughter, to work at King’s Hospital School. Further to his duties as Chaplain and teacher, outside of school, Peter worked as the Precentor at Christ Church Cathedral from 2009-2015 and St. Patrick’s Cathedral from 2015-2020.

Peter and Rebecca currently live in Dublin with their two children. Peter can be reached via email at:

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