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Whether you’re an alumni or heading to #UBishops soon, getting to know your #UBishops community is a must if you wish to fully immerse yourself into the BUbble! In that spirit, we thought we would ask some of the heads of each department to tell us a little bit more about their programs!

English Department

Dr. Shawn Malley, Professor & University Ombudsperson, English Department

The Bishop’s experience in English is about studying all kinds of cultural texts, from Old English epics to contemporary films and television. It’s about both critical insight and creative production. And most importantly, it’s about developing a genuine community through an intimate environment. Small classes enable students and professors to get to know and learn from one another. Visiting speakers, poetry nights at local cafés and pubs, an internationally recognized undergraduate conference, a student-run film festival, movie nights, creative writing contests, internships, and a social gathering every term extend learning well beyond the classroom.

English students can choose from several streams of study: a double major in English and Education, and major and honours degrees with concentrations in either literature or film studies. The Department of English also offers a range of minor degrees that can supplement a major or honours degree or be taken independently. These are Communications and Digital Media, Creative Writing and Journalism, and Film Studies. The members of the English Department look forward to welcoming you soon!

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Sport Studies Department

Dr. Maxime Trempe, Sports Studies Department Chairperson & Associate Professor

Started in 2009, the Sports Studies program is the new kid on the block at Bishop’s. Yet, within 10 years, it has grown to become one of the largest undergraduate programs in the Faculty of Arts and Science in terms of student enrolment. The Sports Studies major provides an intensive study of sport and exercise in society. It encourages students to develop liberal education competencies while acquiring in-depth knowledge in at least one of three areas of specialization: Athletic Development, Sport Business, and Exercise and Health. After graduation, students are able to make a meaningful contribution to a high performance team (e.g., as a physical trainer, coach, performance analyst, or member of a support team), in the management/business of sport (e.g., administrator of a provincial/national sport organization, municipal leisure department, sport centre, or professional team), or to pursue additional studies in a health-related discipline (e.g., physiotherapy, athletic therapy, medicine, public health, etc.) With sports being omnipresent in our society, this field of study has the wind in its sails!

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Psychology Department

Dr. Adrianna Mendrek, Psychology Department Chairperson & Professor

What’s the meaning of death? What are the causes and consequences of drug abuse? When do children begin to have a sense of morality? Can meditation improve your cognitive function? How can community programs assist marginalized groups? What’s the relationship between the mind and the brain? The list of questions that we ask and attempt to answer within the field of psychology is endless. After all, it is the study of our thoughts, emotions and behaviours, across the lifespan, across cultures and genders. If you are interested in any of these questions, if any of these questions don’t let you sleep at night, you should pursue the study of psychology and I would strongly recommend studying psychology at Bishop’s. Why? At least this question is easy to answer – it is simply one of the best (if not the best) places to be. You will be taught by some of the most passionate, caring and dynamic professors. You will get to know them personally and they will get to know you and guide you through your studies. You will get a chance to participate in their diverse research projects. Many of your classes will have a hands-on, experiential component, such as designing and implementing your projects, clinical practicum, community engagement, trying different types of meditations… This is the place to be, to discover who you truly are, to BU 🙂

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William School of Business

Dr. Francine Turmel, Outgoing Dean of the William School of Business

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) offers an in-depth approach with a specialization in Accounting, Finance, Global Management and Leadership, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, or the General Stream. Students are encouraged to take their business electives in Co-operative Education, Entrepreneurship, Information Technology or International Business, adding a profile (4 courses) to their specialization. We allow up to three work placements to count as electives.

The Major in Business offers a more general perspective of the business discipline and allows for the exploration of other disciplines via electives, minors or a second major. The Major in Management has a more qualitative approach of the business discipline and necessarily complements a major in another discipline. Both the B.B.A. and the BA Major in Business require Finite Mathematics and Linear Algebra, but not the Major in Management.

We offer a Graduate Certificate in Business for non-business graduates to help them develop a business skill set that is valued in the workplace. 

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Physics and Astronomy Department

Dr. Valerio Faraoni, Physics and Astronomy Department Chairperson & Professor

The Physics & Astronomy Department is home to world-class researchers in astronomy, the astrophysics of binary stellar systems, exoplanet astrophysics, general relativity, cosmology, black holes, field theory, and mathematical physics. Because of the small size of the Department and of the intimate and vibrant atmosphere, undergraduate students find small classes, dedicated teachers, and great opportunities for experiential learning doing paid research with our faculty members or using our own observatory and other telescopes. They are often co-authors of professional journal articles or present their work at conferences. The BSc Honours prepares students for direct entry into graduate work in physics. Our Honours theses are of high quality, original, and they are often published. A weekly seminar series, journal club meetings, and a research-based MSc program support undergraduate learning at all levels, broaden the horizons, and offer access to senior courses normally unavailable to undergraduates. Every step of the Physics degree offers many stimulating subjects.

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Sociology Department

Dr. Cheryl Gosselin, Sociology Department Chairperson & Professor

The Department of Sociology provides students with a wide range of exciting areas in the study of social life. Whether it is gender studies, family, health or social work, criminology, policing, Indigenous-Settler relations, or diversity studies, students are encouraged to pursue their passions while gaining a broad academic and sociological background to help prepare them for a variety of careers and/or advanced study at graduate school. What makes Sociology at Bishop’s unique is the capacity of the program to offer both applied and theoretical courses; and the dedication of faculty to students and their futures. This allows professors to give personal attention to students and provide significant access to faculty guidance and expertise. The Department’s faculty is passionate about what they do and employ diverse and innovative ways to facilitate active student learning environments in the classroom and in the community through experiential learning opportunities. Through required courses and study concentrations, students have substantial flexibility in meeting their individual intellectual interests and preparing themselves for attractive and challenging adventures after graduation from Bishop’s.

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School of Education

Dr. Corinne Haigh, Dean of the School of Education

In the School of Education at Bishop’s University, our goal is for our graduates to “recognize teaching as an intellectual pursuit and social responsibility and demonstrate the qualities of responsible and autonomous practitioners who show a capacity of ongoing critical reflection, potential for leadership, and commitment to the transformative power of teaching” (Bishop’s University Practice Teaching Handbook, 2015). We offer a variety of profiles within our two-step (B.A./B.Sc. followed by B.Ed.) undergraduate programs leading to certification as either an elementary or secondary school teacher. We also have both thesis-based M.A., and course-based M.Ed. degrees at the graduate level. The Bishop’s University Vision, Mission and Values are reflected throughout the program offerings in the School of Education and we understand a liberal education to consist in preparing educators to be leaders with a broad understanding of the complex relationships between learning, communicating, dialogue, community-building, empowerment, critical thinking, and capacity building.

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Drama Department

Dr. George Rideout, Drama Department Chairperson & Professor

The Drama Department offers major and honours programs designed to expose students to all facets of theatre practice and study as well as provide them with the flexibility to orient their program towards a particular field of study: Dramatic Literature and Theatre History, Performance (acting, directing, and playwriting), and Production (technical, stage management, and design).

The Department offers four departmental productions per year in two state of the art performance spaces. In addition, two student festivals are produced annually (New Plays and Theatre Activ). These two festivals are run entirely by students and New Plays features scripts written by Bishop’s students. An enormously popular event at Bishop’s is the spring musical. Students rehearse in an intensive four week lead up to this highly anticipated production that combines the strengths of our Department and the Department of Music.

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Biological Science Department

Dr. Kerry Hull, Full Professor, Department of Biological Science

Biology is the study of life. We address questions as minuscule as the factors controlling the expression of a single gene, and as large as the impact of climate change on insect diversity or the incidence of human disease. Students get hands-on experience both in the field and in our recently renovated laboratories, greenhouse, and field house, with a focus on actually “doing” not just observing. Our professors have chosen to concentrate on teaching, yet they still maintain research profiles that encourage undergraduate student involvement in independent research projects. Students learn to critically evaluate scientific claims and evidence, and to clearly articulate their thoughts orally and in writing – necessary skills for success in future study or science-related careers. Many of our graduates go on to health-related professional programs (e.g., medicine, public health, physiotherapy) or research programs in Biology or Health Sciences, while others directly enter career streams such as public health administration or environmental assessment.

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