Getting Back into the Swing of Things



Hi guys and dolls! Everyone is back from the holidays and getting back into the swing of things. Work is pilling up, frost week has past, and student budgets are at an all time low.


I’m soooo excited to be back at Bishop’s. I can’t wait to get into a routine and see the roommates. The winter season brings more rugby and new challenges ahead. Rugby this semester is a little different; we are playing 7’s, which is a modified version of the game we play in the regular season.


The workload hasn’t lessened in the new semester. One extracurricular that has occupied my time in particular is the CFA competition. I am really excited to represent the school in a competition that has serious applications outside of Bishop’s. We have been working hard for the past couple of weeks, and honestly, I think we will outperform the competition this year.

The math help centre is up and running again this year and it feels good to be earning some extra money and helping out my peers. It is actually a very gratifying experience and I enjoy seeing people make progress and overcoming their problems. The staff that I work alongside with is very knowledgeable and I am glad to have their support.

The friends I have made and the challenges I have come up against have made me into a unique BU student. SEED is ramping up this semester, as I have already had to write a number of reports and had a number of meetings. I have established familiarity with the professors, which isn’t surprising considering most of them have an open door policy. One of the perks of being a Bishop’s student!

This weekend some of my friends are visiting from Waterloo and there are significant differences. There is definitely a difference in the intimacy of the community at Bishop’s compared with that of bigger universities. Maybe they will like it so much that they will want stay for good?

I hope you readers enjoy your weekend and semester. I am off to enjoy some festivities and good company!



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