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Competitive Dance Team

Today is the last day of classes and I canont believe I’m halfway done my undergraduate degree. I have loved my courses this year and as we head into exams and leave this year’s extra curriculars behind, I want to talk about getting involved at BU.

From the first day I stepped onto Bishop’s campus I saw the many opportunities to get involved. During frosh week there is a Club Day where every club has a table set up and is  looking for new members to join. This is where I put my name down for dance club. I was  unsure of the university demands and didn’t want to sign up for more than I could handle, so I started with just dance, which has been a passion of mine since I was 4. Once the year got going I started writing these blogs and I stage managed a play in the theatreactiv festival. I also danced in the fashion show last year. None of these I really planned to happen, but they all did and I am so thankful for the experiences.

New Plays festival

I am now, in only my second year one of the Dance Club Coordinators, a Fashion Show Choreographer, a part of Big Buddies and a Stage Manager for plays in New Plays and TheatreActiv and I write these blogs as well. I know at many Big schools these positions are so competitive, I would be lucky to just get one. Here at Bishop’s if you want it and work for it, you got it! 🙂

Fashion Show Dancers

I am the kind of person who loves to be busy. I love having at least a few things going on everyday. For me keeping busy and having things to do is something I need in my life. It gives me something to look forwards to and get excited about. So for me, all the opportunities here have been such an amazing experience. At times the combination has been crazy and stressful, but beyond worth it and I am so happy I have chosen to get so involved.

I really have to recommend that everyone gets involved at BU, you meet all kinds of people and brach out beyond your year and friend group. I love walking to campus now and saying “hey” to many people I pass. This is something that I believe is pretty unique to Bishop’s. The community spirit is amazing and the opportunities are hard to miss. Being involved is one of the biggest Bishop’s perks for me.

If you want to be involved Bishop’s will easily help you achieve that.

Kate 🙂

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