Getting to know #Ubishops – Meet Tyler Smith

Getting to know your #Ubishops community is a must if you wish to fully immerse yourself into the BUbble! To shake things up a tad and to celebrate the Class of 2019, we decided to interview 2019 Valedictorian Tyler Smith.

Tyler Smith ’19

Favourite book of all-time?
Tyler Smith:
There are so many amazing books I’ve had the pleasure of reading. I enjoy all genres from fantasy to books on contemporary string theory. I’d have to say; The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald stands out as a favourite. I find it to be quite humbling that Jay Gatsby can be so wealthy yet long for nothing but human connection and love.

Favourite group or singer?
Tyler: I grew up on Guns n’ Roses, The Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, AC/DC, Metallica. I am also a huge Kanye West fan.

Favourite movie of all-time?
Tyler: I usually love any movie with Leonardo DiCaprio. A favourite movie of my childhood is SpongeBob SquarePants. As a child I just loved SpongeBob, but reflecting on it now it’s a great film about friendship, overcoming adversity together and coming of age. The movie, as silly as it sounds, made me realize that growing up is just the ability to take on new challenges. SpongeBob and Patrick thought that growing up would solve all their problems, however they learned they were actually the same scared people and needed not maturity but each other to overcome adversity. I hope all my fellow graduates remember that and help each other overcome the challenges of growing up long after our convocation.

Favourite spot on campus?
Tyler: Patterson 400. I stayed in this room in first year of university and met and lived with my best friend Bailey there, and have so many great learning experiences in that room. The windows of the living room overlook the rolling fields and the Sports Plex and truly is a beautiful view. It meant so much to my friends and I’s first year experience that we are renting the room for convocation weekend, to end it where it all began.

Favourite spot off-campus?
The Coaticook Gorge Park. I love the beauty of nature, the diverse hiking trails, and the suspension bridge. If you’re scared of heights it’s a great place to get over that anxiety.

Favourite #Ubishops moment?
Tyler: I loved the entire 4 years. I loved the move-in day celebrations, nights with friends, classes and extracurriculars. I think my favourite moments however are the international case competitions. Whether it be in Singapore, Seattle, or even Prince Edward Island, its amazing to meet so many new and unique people from across the world and represent Bishop’s on a global stage. Bishop’s really prepares us to stand out globally and to fit in any social environment, I’m really grateful for those experiences.

Describe #Ubishops in three words.

If you had to get someone’s job on campus, what would it be and why?
I would become the Experiential Learning Coordinator for the Williams School of Business, like Charlene Marion. I would love the opportunity too give back to Bishop’s the way Charlene has by connecting students with real world learning opportunities. Having been coached by here for 3 international case competitions I have seen Charlene’s dedication first hand. She really has inspired me and I think that her job will only become more prominent in the near future.

If you had to join a club or student group on campus, what would it be and why?
I had the pleasure to be with BUCS for 3 years, the Finance & Investment Club, and BC3, but looking back I would have loved to join the BU Environmental Club. I’m a huge supporter of sustainability in institutions, and I was extremely impressed with the clubs efforts the past 4 years. I see myself working in sustainability Accounting in the next 1-2 years. I really think that my experiences and interest in the field of sustainable finance could have been useful to the club’s goals.

If you had to go back to school, which program would you pick and why?
I loved my experience and learned so much from my professors in Business, Accounting and Economics and am fortunate enough to really enjoy what I study. If I were to do anything differentially I would like to add different electives in IT/Computer Science and Philosophy to increase my technological skill set and explore new avenues to thinking and problem solving.

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