Gimme a tall, frosty pint of Bishop's

After being back in Lennoxville for only a matter of days, I’m trying to understand how one can already feel swamped with things to do. Fortunately, things could be much, much worse. My long list of upcoming events and endeavours features activities mostly associated with Frost Week, the SRC’s winter answer to the eminent Frosh Week. There’s no question that topping Frosh Week is near impossible. An event held in January has to compete with the weather, the lack of school work, the new influx of summer cash, and the buzz surrounding every student’s return to BU that goes along with this renowned week in early September. Still, this year, the SRC has taken an approach unlike years past, an approach that includes a competitve aspect often left out of Frost week. This year, teams of 8-10 students enter their own Frost group of 8-10 students, and compete in various winter activites throughout the week. Events will include toboggan races, poker night, a winter dodgeball tournament, ski night at Mont Joye, various themed Gait nights, and a bud trip on the final Saturday to Quebec City to attend Red Bull Crashed Ice (expect in-depth blogs/reports on both the Mont Joye and Crashed Ice trip from this blogger himself). Furthermore, to cap things off, there is actually a winning team crowned at the end of this year’s Frost Week, with the team members’ names being engraved on some sort of frosty trophy.

Like I mentioned before, the SRC can’t be expected to top Frosh Week, but I think that their approach this year takes a new spin on previous Frost Weeks, and should make for a great start to the winter semester. My hat goes off to an SRC president who is taking 6 courses in his final semester and is still making school fun for a few weeks. My toque goes off to him and the rest of the SRC.

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