Halloweekend is over and it’s time to buckle down for the end of semester!

What’s new BU!

Halloween is one of the biggest holidays to celebrate here at Bishop’s! As Alessandra pointed out, the weekend is about seeing people and taking a break between weeks of mid-terms. One of my favourite things to do is to pick out the most original costumes. I’ve got a few shout outs here that I thought were pretty original – especially when doing rounds through Rez as everyone’s getting ready to go out…

ñ 3 girls dressed as Rock-Paper-Scissors (the person as Rock really just dressed in grey with a rock necklace..pretty good on a budget!)

ñ 2 girls dressed up as Peanut Butter & Jelly

ñ Angry Bird costumes

ñ A lawn gnome

ñ Elmo, the Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch

ñ and A whole bunch of Bananas showed up at Saturday’s football game!!

As for what happened in rez this month – we’ve had some awesome events going on here in Newside!

ñ A couple of the RAs had their residents make stress-balls out of balloons & flour and talk about stress and time management for mid-term season.

ñ For Halloween, we organized a ghost walk with true Bishop’s stories around campus. There must have been 40 people out to hear about the haunted hallways of BU

ñ One of the RAs on my team works as a photographer, so he invited his residents to have their portraits taken in the photography studio. I even had one taken myself!

ñ There was a group of 50 students who headed to see the New York Knicks vs the Toronto Raptors in Montreal. I’m not a big basketball fan but I heard that it was an awesome time

ñ An evening of pumpkin carving was organized rez-wide and there was an incredible amount of creativity in the room.

Now that Halloween is over, it’s time to think about the rest of the semester – as there really is only a month left until classes are finished!

What I’ve got my mind set on for the next little while is the upcoming Leadership Retreat. This is the 2nd annual Bishop’s Leadership Retreat where we head off-campus to Le Centre d’Arts Orford to truly be able to focus on the people and the goals of the retreat.

Last year, Diane Houde, who runs the BU Leadership Office and is also a Life Coach for Bishop’s, asked me to assist her and Sue Meesen from the Career Centre, to organize and run the retreat. It was an incredible opportunity for me and I couldn’t say no! Together, we figured out what to present at our retreat and what were the learning outcomes we strived for. We invited 40 students who were nominated by staff and faculty from all departments based on qualities which deemed them to be up-and-coming leaders in our community. By inviting first and second year students, we hoped to encourage them to partake in on-campus and Bishop’s related clubs and organizations.

This year, we’ve invited the same keynote speaker, T.A. Loeffler, a professor at Memorial University as well as an incredible woman who has so much life experience to share with us. Hearing her speak last year had us all on the edge of our seats and I cannot wait to speak with her again. We’ve altered our leadership retreat a bit this year and have invited other guests to see T.A. speak on the Friday night of our weekend (November 9th). These invited guests are the people who support our retreat and who have nominated our well-chosen students. It is an incredible opportunity to attend the Leadership Retreat and I can’t wait for this year’s to start! We’ve been planning since the beginning of the semester and I’m looking forward to the feedback and the experiences our students will have.


Just another thing BU offers – where else can a professor nominate a first year student by name for their leadership qualities after only 5 weeks of class?


I’ll let you know how the retreat goes. Cross your fingers for me!


‘Til next time,


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