Holiday Blogging

Having been home – well, away from Bishop’s – since December 12th, I’m looking forward to getting back to BU. The weeks away have been nice and relaxing, with the Lawson family heading to San Andres on vacation for a week in December. Our week-long trip was nice and relaxing, and I had a chance to catch up on sleep and reading. While I find the reading I do at school thought-provoking, I find I have very little time to read for pleasure. Among the books I¬†enjoyed down south were Rory Stewart’s Prince of the Marshes, Michael Ross’ The Volunteer, and BU Alum Alex Paterson’s My Life at the Bar and Beyond.

The biggest event of my Christmas break occured on December 30th, when I had LASIK surgery to correct my vision. The timing was perfect, and the company I chose let me do my pre-op examination at their facility in Sherbrooke, where I’ll also have my final post-op. The procedure was brief and painless. In fact, the biggest inconvenience was the fact that I couldn’t use a computer, read, or exercise for 24 hours after surgery…a minor hassle, when you think about it. My vision has been corrected to slightly better then 20/20, and I’ll never have to go searching for my contacts again!

Reading Now:

Since my eyes began to heal, I’ve been re-reading Bill Gaston’s Midnight Hockey. It’s an excellent book by the University of Victoria professor, as he narrates his – final? – year playing beer-league hockey. The often hilarious anecdotes Gaston includes will be familiar to anyone who’s ever donned a pair of skates, and I’d highly recommend it to fans of the game.

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