How Quickly Time Flies



Wow time flies in the first month back from holidays! Where did January go? It always catches me off guard how quickly January flies by with New Year’s resolutions quickly being passed aside to have a blast revisiting all the Bishop’s friends. Winter fest is over and was such a blast to see everyone out in the quad in ridiculous snow suits, cheering for our ski and snowboarders. But now that January is drawing to a close, it’s time to get down to the grind.



The work is piling up and February is going to be a busy and fun month; with the Fashion Show, one of the best nights at our school, everyone dressed up in their nicest attire, Homecoming right after that, the Pre-Med Snow Football tournament on February 23rd, and preparing Brain Awareness Week for March.



Let’s not forget all the midterms and papers starting as early as next week! The new semester hasn’t let up on the workload. It’s hard to want to look at the long list of term papers and midterms I have to study for when the social calendar is so busy. By third year, I’ve learnt the balance between work and play is very important here. Work all through the week, doing homework in between classes and going to the gym, to be able to afford to go out on the weekends.


The Pre Med Club is hosting the 3rd Snow Football Tournament on Feb 23rd and preparing for that is taking up a lot of my time, with setting up the schedule, getting teams, advertising and working tables in the SUB. The Club is also having study hall hours every week as a way for science students to get together with upper years to get help on assignments and projects. The Club keeps me busy but it just enforces how time flies while having fun here!



Some of my friends who I saw over Christmas break complain their university careers seem to go so slowly, but then again they don’t go to Bishop’s, where there is never a dull moment, and it keeps everyone busy and buzzing with excitement which makes the 4 or 5 years fly by!


Hopefully February is an eventful and fun semester for all of you. I am off to enjoy the café with some good company!

See ya!



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