How to Prevent the Panic Look.

How to Prevent the Panic Look.

Hey Gaiters!

It’s that time of year again! When your daily routine consists of waking up, putting on your track pants, and studying for hours upon end for your mid-terms. I cannot help but notice the panic look on some people’s faces during exam time. There is this constant look of “Did I choose the right program? Should I drop out of the program? Do I even enjoy my program?” The list of doubts goes on and on! But please, try not to panic, it will be okay! Even in my third year, I still occasionally ask myself these questions until I remember all the things I can do in order to prevent going into ‘panic mode’.

1)    Breathe- As important as your midterms are, sleeping and relaxing is just as imperative! Take a little study break now and again. Go grab a coffee or watch an episode of one of your favourite shows!

2)    Talk to a friend- Remember you are not alone, there are about 2000 students all walking around with the same worried look all wanting someone to  talk to!

3)   If it’s just one class that’s holding you back, consider getting a tutor. Our Counselling Center is phenomenal in matching up people who need a tutor! You can visit for more info!

4)     Attend a STEP seminar on different techniques to study! Or, if you can’t attend a STEP seminar, find them on YOUTUBE! Use mind maps, cue cards, notes… anything to help it sink into your head!

5)  Talk to your Professor! You chose Bishop’s because of the small school aspect… now make use of it! Contact your Prof if you are having difficulty in a class and they will be able to point you in the right directions or have some suggestions for you.

6)    Don’t forget, you can always contact your Departmental Chair or Dean to talk more about your program!

7)    Remember why you’re in the program. You chose your program to better your knowledge, or to help you with a future job. Mid-terms might not be the best, but they help to keep you on track to reach that final goal!

Well, it’s back to the books for now! Best of luck on your mid-terms!

Sending Purple Pride,



Photo : Macaulay Culkin, Home Alone. 

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