I play intramurals, therefore I am.

So I was scrolling down the blogs of late on the ol’ Bishop’s website, and I couldn’t help notice the latest blog from my friend and colleague, Nick Healey.  I like Nick: native Kingston-ian, likes sports, brews his own beer and wine.  What else do you want from a guy?

I read his blog about the hockey scene at BU.  Great blog.  It educated readers about the options that Lennoxville rink rats have to get their hockey fix.  What inspired this blog was the section about intramural hockey.

I’ve never been part of the intramural hockey league at Bishop’s.  I’ve spectated a few games over the years, and someday this semester I hope to lace ‘em up for a B-league squad, but I’ll leave Nick to discuss the intramural hockey scene a bit more.

I’ve been a part of intramurals since I was just a little first-year punk living in rez.  I’ve participated in basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, football, and even dodgeball.  This past fall, I volunteered as the commissioner for the touch football league, which saw its most successful season since I was in first-year.  Men’s basketball and football I take a bit more seriously than the others.  For most people, including me, intramurals are for fun.  However, I don’t mind taking pride in the fact that my men’s A-league basketball team has won the league two years and counting, and that I’ve had the same football roster since first-year.  At Bishop’s, it’s cool to often know the people that you’re competing against, and it adds a little incentive to winning the game.  Coming from someone that has played as many intramurals over the course of four years as I have, my opinion is a little biased, but trust me, they are a good time.

Good friends, good sports, good times.

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