For the past 3 weeks, I’ve been in the ‘real world’ classroom setting and loving almost every minute! I say almost because, well, grade 9 students aren’t always the most attentive. However! I’m taking advantage of all the great opportunities to ask questions, learn how to react when a student swears in class or talks back to me and just generally enjoying my time here.

Yesterday was quite the milestone for me. I sent a kid to the office (no, I am NOT that kind of teacher but the situation really wouldn’t have changed if I didn’t stand my ground), and I also had a talk with a student about inappropriate language during class activities. What a day! I drove home, smiling to myself with a ‘I finally feel like a teacher’ thoughts going through my mind.


Every day brings a new adventure and I can’t believe that I only have 3 weeks left! I know that when I’m done here I won’t want to leave. Even though the students give me that “aw miss” whiny voice in class, I know they like having me here because they wave to me in the halls, tell me stories about their weekend plans and just generally seem to have taken a liking to me. It’s a very satisfying feeling!


One thing I’ve noticed is that I seem to have a lot of flashbacks to my days in high school. I graduated from high school in ’07 and every day here I am reminded of the shenanigans I got up to in school. Passing notes in class, doodling instead of working, asking if we’ll ever get any free time. Part of me wants to tell my students: “Hey! Guess what – I do all my university work at the last minute too and I’m still on the honour roll!” But then I stop myself and realize that sort of advice probably won’t help them much at this point in time. They’ll have to come to terms with how they work and the rewards at their own pace. For now, I’ll try to be a good role model for them and learn to brush off any and all excuses I’m given about why someone’s work wasn’t handed in. I guess that’s what life has in store for me as a teacher!




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