Incoming Gaiters

Incoming Gaiters

This is post is for the future gaiters,

I hope you are all getting ready to make the choice of a lifetime. I am happy you are looking  into Bishop’s as an options. I know everyone has a school that’s right for them, but I don’t think you could go wrong at Bishop’s. I am going to talk about some packing tips and try to answer some questions you may have about coming to Bishop’s.

One of the first things I know I was worried about was the french aspect of living in Quebec. I am from Ontario and was oblivious to how life works in the eastern townships. I will tell you that you will learn to love the 24-hour clock very early on. There is also no need to speak french here; Although I do recommend taking a french course you can easily and happily survive without being bilingual. I can also say I have found many student who go here have some french background and chances are one of your friends will be able to help you out if needed. There is also google translate 🙂 But it has not been a problem for me.

The next thing is that it’s okay to come here alone and leave your high school friends. I was really hesitant about this, but I have found coming here and stretching my boundaries to be such an awesome experience and I am truly enjoying my time here. You will meet new friends and they will probably be great. Most people here are very welcoming and friendly. Also remember that for the first few months everyone is in the same boat as you and probably wants to be your friends just as much as you want to be theirs. FYI The above picture is me and my best friend at BU when we met during frosh week.

Bishop’s is a small school, but that’s one of the most amazing experiences. I am so thankful that I have chosen a small school as the opportunities here are so much easier to take advantage of. There is a club or team for almost everything as well as so many other opportunities that are all options for future students. I am coordinator of the dance team, fashion show choreographer, stage manager for some plays, Big Buddies member, writer of these blogs, and am possibly going to malawi for an elementary education trip. The opportunities are one-of-a-kind and I know at bigger school they would be harder to come by. Try to take advantage of as many as possible, but also remember your school work needs time too.

Here is my list of specific things to put on your packing list (a.k.a Things I forgot and needed):

– Anything purple (We love to be purple for many events)

– An extra blanket (Quebec has very cold and long winters-some nights I needed my extra blanket)

– Slippers (walking from room to room or to the common room)

-Shower flip flops (more for Mackinnon, Norton and Pollack)

– Kettle ( noodles, tea, hot chocolate, soup… options are endless)

– Little rug (nice to step on something kind of warm)

– Costumes (there are always dress up occasions and people really dress up- majority really dress up)

Feel free to ask any questions below. I hope I could answer some questions and help you. I have to say Bishop’s really is a great school and I have yet to find someone who disagrees.

We’re ready for you!

Kate 🙂

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