International Students at Bishop’s

At Bishop’s, we welcome international students with open arms! Victoria de Morel, English Literature, Creative Writing and Journalism student from Paris, France shares with us she chose to study at BU.

Let me tell you why Bishop’s is the best place for international students.

First, I want to explain how I found out about Bishop’s in the first place. I am originally from Paris, France and didn’t know much about Canadian universities besides perhaps one or two big university names. Key word being big. I might be a big city girl, but I’ve never entered big schools for a reason, for many reasons actually. I need to know that there can be no way for me to blend in and be just another average student. I need to know that my being here make a difference, that I matter. And that is exactly what I found in Bishop’s and what I know without a doubt you will find too!

I just knew I would blend in with the crowd in a big school. I knew I would see opportunities being snatched right in front of my nose or not even hear about half of them. So when recruiters from Bishop’s came to my school – came to the grade above mine actually -, I stumbled upon a a pamphlet featuring the gorgeous campus and all the different Departments. I brought it home and read through it a dozen times and kept it to myself for a while, anxious to show it to my mom in case she didn’t like the idea of me going to school so far away. My last year of high school came and I was determined to go to Bishop’s.

I have had an eventful journey from deciding to move to Bishop’s to where I am now. At the time, I thought I wanted to enter into Drama, but eventually ended up going into Education for a year and a half and finding out being a teacher was not made for me. Being a student at Bishop’s has allowed me to switch into English in my third semester while even trying out a Psychology course and figuring out those weren’t for me either. I am now the happiest I’ve ever been with a Major in English Literature and a minor in Effective Writing and Journalism, all because Bishop’s has allowed me to make those “mistakes” and find myself, all the while being incredibly supported by my professors, so many of them contributing to making an incredibly change in my life and alleviating the weight on my shoulders through their unwavering support and faith in me.

There are countless opportunities for us to get involved here and scholarships for international students or open to international students. I applied for a job on campus during my first year, which was perfect because that meant I did not need a work permit yet. I got to connect with faculty and students alike and grow as I developed my first work experience. I became a Residence Assistant (RA) in my second year and met so many incredible people as well as most people living in residence. This year, I joined the BU Singers, which isn’t reserved for music students. I’ve been Stage Manager in a play for Theater Activ, which, again, isn’t reserved for Drama students. I’ve worked as co-editor of the Be You at BU magazine, and there is so much more that I look forward to participate in in my last year. The opportunities are endless, but it’s up to to pay attention and put yourself out there.

Am I saying it’s easy? No. It’s scary, terrifying really.

Am I saying it’s worth it? A thousand percent.

I’ve grown immensely for trying my luck and taking this major leap to move abroad for four years.

But be careful, it goes too fast. So make every minute count and don’t worry too much, enjoy the experience, and know that everyone here, and I really do mean everyone, is ready to support you in any way they can.

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