Intro post! :)

Hello future and current Gaiters! My name is Margaret and I am a second year student, studying honors Sociology and Philosophy here at BU. As a member of this small and closely-knit community, I have had many opportunities for involvement around campus that would not have presented themselves at larger facilities. I have received incredible support from all of my professors, and have even had the chance to work as a student marker for one of them! This type of close engagement has also enabled me – and everyone else in my department – to really fulfill their full social and academic potentials in an extremely enriching environments. That is to say – our Profs know us by name, and we are not cast to the wayside as mere numbers.

A central aspect of this experience has definitely been partnership between professor and student throughout the learning process. Needless to say, the “bubble” aspect of the campus and community was extremely alluring as I reviewed my options in my final year of high school. As soon as I set foot on campus for my first tour, I knew it was the ideal place for me; complete with just over two thousand friendly faces, and a myriad of possibilities for my future.

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  • Richard Combley
    7 years ago

    An excellent intro for high school students looking at Bishop’s as a possible university to attend. I couldn’t agree more with your comments.

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