JUMP-Start Your Professional Development in 2016!

JUMP-Start Your Professional Development in 2016!

Graduates of Bishop’s University can join JUMP, a mentoring community offering support, perspective and inspiration for professional development.   The 2016 program is off to an exciting start in Toronto, Halifax Montreal and Ottawa.


The Toronto group of 20 mentors and protégés participated in a stimulating evening workshop designed to help them learn from and apply the results of the PSI or Personal Style Indicator. Cathy W. Tait, a mentor and consultant with WSG, capably led the workshop, making it both insightful and fun. Participants left feeling they had greater insight into their own relationship style as well as those they interact with and ideas for how to use those insights to build strong personal and professional connections.


On January 19th the Ottawa Chapter met for the first time. Elaine Roper, the program founder, was there to help kick it off! A group of 22 mentors and protégés met at Ashbury College. The Chapter is capably led by Bob Egan, Sue Hyland, Scott Ring, Tim Saunders and Kelsey West. All in attendance expressed excitement at having a network of support and inspiration available locally.


In Halifax, a group of 20 came together on January 27th for a business etiquette presentation given by Betty Hutchins. Armed with their own etiquette questions the group learned that etiquette is NOT a set of ironclad rules but about using the principles of consideration, respect and honesty to guide work behaviour.   The group discussed tips for everything from social media and cubicle etiquette to dressing for success during an evening filled with humorous examples.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the program and how it can help just needs to send an email expressing interest to bujump@gmail.com and we will happily connect you to the program leaders in Toronto, Halifax ,Ottawa ,Vancouver or Montreal.

Learn more: http://www3.ubishops.ca/jump

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