Just keep hustling : the Legacy Conference experience

Each year, the Legacy Conference gathers hackers, doers and builders. This year, more than 700 students from campuses across Canada got the opportunity of a lifetime to be surrounded by the best entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs of North America. On Friday, March 23rd, the first Bishop’s University delegation made their way to Canada’s largest student-run entrepreneurship conference, in Ottawa. Williams School of Business student Alexandra Guérin attended the event and left Ottawa with valuable insight for her academic and professional adventures. 

After showing our true Bishop’s colours during the open-ceremony, the delegation had the opportunity to listen to incredible speakers. To only name a few, Satish Kanwar who shared how he got to work for Shopify as VP Channel. Kim Kaupe, founder of ZinePak, who kindly advised us that we should always dress up for the job we want, not the job we have. Last but not least, Rock Thomas, serial entrepreneur and author, who inspired us to always be hungry.

The next morning, we all woke up with a thirst for personal growth. While some members went to the start-up exposition to network with L-Spark, Start-up Launch Pad, Fresh Food, Accenture and more… other members got mentorship sessions. For instance, two members had the opportunity to meet the Marketing Manager of Microsoft for 30 minutes and get answers to all their questions. During the afternoon, all members attended different workshops to either learn about artificial intelligence, the power of decision, business modelling or even why they should care about marketing. At the end of the day, we got one more last chance to listen to inspirational leaders such as Omar Itani, Agency Manager at Google and Mike Smith, founder of the Bay, who advocates to be defined by his lifestyle, not his job.

As a delegation, we all agreed that the Legacy Conference was filled with learning opportunities where hard work meets passion. While some members left with valuable professional advice such as keeping in touch with your old boss or always looking bigger than you are, others left with potential internship opportunities.

With the support from the Williams School of Business, twenty-two students got inspired to chase their dreams from speakers who selflessly shared their entrepreneurial journey to empower the next generation. There is no doubt that the Legacy Conference will become one of the most essential events for Bishop’s students to be part of.


To learn more about the Legacy Conference: www.legacycan.ca
To learn more about the Williams School of Business: www.ubishops.ca/wsb
To learn more about Bishop’s University Commerce Society (BUCS) and other student clubs: www.ubishops.ca/academic-programs/williams-school-of-business/student-clubs/

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