Let's Ride, BU.

Since The Gait’s inception in the SUB building in January of 2006, the bar has hosted a series of live acts from various musical genres.  While traditionally, The Gait is not a great venue for a live show, the atmosphere when there is one is second to none.

The Gait usually waits until the winter semester to showcase their best acts.  Previous guests have included Ill Scarlett, DL Incognito, Swollen Members, and Kardinal Offishal.  It’s a good change of pace from students’ regular routines of going to The Gait for happy hour or a night out.

This Saturday, The Gait welcomes one of Canada’s most popular rap artists, Choclair.  I know, hearing the name is probably a blast from the past, and to be honest, I’m not even sure if some of the school’s youngest students have even heard of him, because he may have been before their time (Wow, that made me feel old).  However, I think that his old school name is part of the show’s appeal.  It’s like a great old band doing a reunion tour.  Choclair has definitely had some hits that may refresh some memories such as Let’s Ride, Rubbin’, Light it up, and Northern Touch (arguably the biggest Canadian rap songs ever recorded featuring Rascalz, Checkmate, Kardinal, and Thrust).

To be honest, I think that this is a steal for The Gait and Bishop’s.  Judging by the fact that Choclair hasn’t recorded anything for a few years, I’m assuming he was relatively cheap to book.  However, the buzz around campus has been that the show is going to be sold out and that the student body is really excited as a whole.  I’ve also heard through the grapevine that one of his requests as a guest is a Bishop’s basketball jersey, which I respect.

If there’s one thing that I know, it’s that sold out live shows at The Gait very seldom disappoint.  Keep your eyes to the blog for a review to come.

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