Life after Bishop’s University – Georgina Lamontagne

With its combination of both art and science and its strong interpersonal aspect, I’ve always found the profession of dentistry highly appealing. A solid foundation in science is essential before applying to dental school, and my experience at Bishop’s University has been instrumental in becoming a well-rounded and competitive applicant. This spring, I received the news that I had been accepted into McGill Dentistry, I was absolutely ecstatic but also felt a strong sense of gratitude toward Bishop’s and all the experiences and opportunities which shaped me into the person I am today. 

Being in an environment where professors and students really get to know each other is motivating on all levels. Not only are lectures more interactive, but knowing my professors knew the face behind the name on assignments and papers drove me to strive to do my very best work. Professors also had their doors wide open if ever I needed a little bit of extra help—which is never something to shy away from at Bishop’s. My professors themselves would give tutorials before midterms and exams, sometimes even ordering pizza to make sure we took time for a meal before the inevitably long night of studying ahead!

Through the research partnership Bishop’s has with Université de Sherbrooke, I had the opportunity to take part in a research project in collaboration with Université de Sherbrooke’s department of Pharmacology and Physiology. The project I was involved in examined different approaches to treating the pain associated with bone metastases. At first glance, this may seem unrelated to dentistry, but this research experience taught me so much about the cellular and molecular aspects of pain and reinforced my desire to work in a profession where I could help alleviate pain and improve the quality of patients’ lives.

Bishop’s also provided me with many leadership opportunities. These experiences were extremely beneficial in developing strong interpersonal skills that are required in the dental field in order to collaborate with a team and work within a community. I volunteered as a Big Buddy throughout my four years, was an Orientation Week Leader in my second year and a Charity Judge, organizing fundraisers for local non-profit organizations, during Orientation Week in my third and fourth year. I was also president of the Bishop’s MEDLIFE Chapter and led initiatives to raise awareness about medical inequity. Through this role, I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer with a medical and dental outreach group in rural villages around Cusco, Peru. Working in these communities, isolated from all healthcare, was an eye-opening experience which further inspired me to pursue a career as a dentist.

Now, as a recent graduate, I can honestly say I would not trade my four years at Bishop’s for anything. Setting foot on campus will always bring fourth countless great memories and I’m sure I will continue to realize the many ways in which my undergraduate university choice had such a positive impact in my life.

Georgina Lamontagne
Class of 2017

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