Like a Part of One Big Family

Pictured: Clare (right) and her new friend Quinda at their first Homecoming Gaiter’s football tailgate.

The first two posts in my blog series featured seasoned Bishop’s veterans: one in the form of an alumna and staff, and one as a fourth year student. Both these women, Jackie and Megan, hold our university close to their hearts because they have come to love it, and understand everything that makes it special. But does a newbie- a first year student- who has barely seen what BU has to offer, have to say about Lennoxville?

This week, I have an interview with freshman Clare Parsons. Coming to us from way out east, Clare shares how her first month in the BU bubble has been going.

I’m going to start how I always do. Let’s get to know you, Clare. Where are you from, and what are you studying here at Bishop’s?

I’m from a city called Dartmouth, located in the province of Nova Scotia, and I’m doing a double major in English and Secondary Education, with a minor in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language).

What made you chose to come to Bishop’s?

Well, I first heard about Bishop’s through my older cousin, who had previously attended. After that, I kind of did a little bit of research on the place and even came up for a tour. After my tour, I was hooked on the idea of coming here. I really enjoy the small, close-community style of the school, and the entire (tiny) town of Lennoxville. It makes you feel like a part of one big family! Oh, and I received the Dean’s Scholarship which helped me come to my decision even quicker.

Once you got accepted, and got to Lennoxville, what was your first impression of Bishop’s and Orientation Week?

In all honesty, I was a little skeptical and very nervous about the whole idea of Orientation Week. I was kind of thinking, “What if no one likes me? What if I choose the wrong group? What if they make me do stuff I don’t want to?” And then once I actually joined a group, I had the best time of my life! Every leader was so nice and made everyone feel so comfortable. Orientation Week was one of the craziest and best weeks ever, and I couldn’t have chosen a better team. I would sell my soul (or my textbooks, they’re about the equivalent) to go back and experience it all again.

Like most of our first year students, you live in residence. What residence do you live in, and how do you like it?

Ah… Residence is a love/hate sort of thing for me. I live in NoPo (student slang for Norton-Pollock traditional style residence), on the Norton side. I like it because it’s convenient and close to all my classes, and it’s also where I’ve met a lot of cool people and one of my closet friends. I don’t have a roommate, so that is also nice. I sort of don’t like sharing a washroom. I miss the days when I could head to the shower without flip-flops. I also hate wearing shoes all the time, that’s another negative for me. It definitely adds to the university experience, though!

Editor’s Note: NoPo was voted one of Canada’s top 10 university residences. Read more here: 

You said you loved the feeling of Lennoxville when you did a tour, but what do you think of the town now that you have experienced it a little bit more?

Love it. Love how small it is. Love how close and convenient everything is in relation to campus. Love the chill yet also wild atmosphere. It’s a great town and makes me feel like a real member of the community.

Okay, Clare, one more thing. What are you the most excited about in your next five years at BU? (Clare is studying Education, so she will complete five years, as opposed to the usual three or four of other students)

I’d say I’m most excited to just continue to develop awesome friendships with people. I hope as time goes on, I’ll fall more and more in love with the program I’m enrolled in. I also look forward to conquering at least one round of Trivia at the Gait… it will happen, just wait.

For me (Natalie), it was really fun interviewing a first year student, because I remember being exactly where she is. Bishop’s in the first few months is like a honeymoon – everything is so fun, so new, so exciting. Now that I’m in fourth year, I realize the honeymoon stage never really goes away. And that’s the way we like it.

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