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Hey Gaiters,

My name is Brendan Montima and I am a 3rd year Business student with a double concentration in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. I’m unique in a way in that I am from Boston, MA. People always ask me how I found Bishop’s or why I came here instead of staying in the U.S and I always tell them that Bishop’s felt right and it had a strong sense of community and school spirit. One of the best examples I have is while I was on my tour of the school; a student stopped us just to introduce herself and see how we were enjoying the tour. I had visited a few schools prior to Bishop’s and at all my visits nothing like that happened. When I was making my decision to come to Bishop’s it was that one incident among other things that made me commit to this school.

Even before I arrived on campus I was getting involved in the form of being a part of the Leadership Community. We were told to come to campus a week early to bond and understand what is would be like to be a part of this community in the form of group discussions and team activities, most notably a ropes course.


Bishop’s is a great place to meet people and a great way to do that is to get involved and it is really easy to do so on campus. In my first week I did an interview about frosh week after being covered in mud! Later in first semester I got involved in a few clubs, but it was not until my second semester when I decided to start my own club, The World School Club.

The World School is a non-profit that I started with my friends in 10th grade with the goal of identifying and supporting needy schools in impoverished countries. Through financial support, manual labor, and projects, we intend to create a better learning environment for students. We go on service trips with groups of up to 12 students each summer where we get to work with amazing kids and help rebuild their schools. Previously, we have gone to Mexico, Belize and Uganda; this summer we are traveling to Haiti with Bishop’s students. Essentially The World School is a network of students and student leaders passionate about education. We believe cultivating student leadership and creativity will stimulate a brighter future. Our goal is to promote dialogue and facilitate innovative projects to help transform education throughout the world. If any if you want to be involved feel free to contact me at This club has allowed me to be more involved here at Bishop’s and meet some inspiring people along the way and I hope it continues to facilitate that. Driving into campus three years ago I thought I was just going to come here and get an education, not in a million years did I think I would be the head of my own club, helping out in recruitment, speaking at student retreats, helping bridge the gap between alumni and students, and be invited to dinners and events with other student leaders and alumni, respectively. That is a beauty of going to Bishop’s; you can get involved so easily and begin to leave your mark on the school in your first year.

What Will Your Mark Be?


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