Meet Brian Breckles! Bishop’s New Director of Athletics and Recreation


Brian Breckles ’85-’86 Wilfrid Laurier OUA

Name: Brian Breckles

Hometown: Montreal native

Number of CIS Games Played: 45

Favorite Food: Homemade Pasta

 Hi, my name is Brian Breckles, and this is my first Homecoming as the Director of Athletics and Recreation.It’s been 20 years since I have attended a homecoming in Lennoxville and I could not be more excited for the variety of athletic events we have planned for this weekend.I’ve spent the past 20 years involved in various football programs in Ontario and I can say, without haste that the environment on Coulter field this weekend is incredibly unique and quite special.
The small school experience here at Bishop’s allows for you to get to know our athletes on a personal level. You often see our varsity athletes in class or the S.U.B. and know who they are. That is what makes Bishop’s special. It’s also a reason our athletes choose to come play here, they enjoy the roar of Coulter and that incredible sea of purple. It is also a reason I chose to come back to Lennoxville. I had the unique privilege of enjoying the roar of the Coulter Field crowd as an assistant coach, under the tutelage of the great Ian Breck and I look forward to seeing everyone come out and support all of our athletes. I know how excited our alumni are going to be to see friends they haven’t seen in years and I know the delight of running into people tailgating that you haven’t seen in years. This is also a big weekend for our athletics programs, some of my best memories at Bishop’s happened on the turf at Coulter field, I can remember the legendary Cam Hughes with his pumpkin head on leading the crowd through crazy cheers. 
It’s important that you make your way into the stadium in order to give our first year players a taste of what to expect for 3 more years and also to give our veterans one final send-off. I encourage you to check out the other events going on as well, our students have worked hard to create a video, featuring athletes from the 5 Gaiters teams, so take 2:00 and check out what else is happening at Bishop’s.

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