Meet Denise Copping!

Meet Denise Copping!

Hey Gaiters!

I am a third year neuroscience psychology student here at BU. That means I get the best of the science and psychology programs BU has to offer, as I try to become well rounded. I’m half way done my time here at Bishop’s and I have to say it has been the best experience ever! I spent my first year in Kuehner residence and loved campus so much, but now I live in Little forks, enjoying the perks of being off campus (parking lot party anyone?). I guess I should let you guys know how I got to Bishop’s first off.

I was born in Surrey BC and my family moved to Oakville Ontario when I was young. I grew up going to smaller schools in Oakville and couldn’t imagine leaving my small bubble for a big university where I didn’t know my teachers, or vice versa. One girl I worked with told me I should check out the school she applied at, Bishop’s. I did a campus tour and fell in love with the campus, the fall colours and small class sizes. I had no idea what program to go into but I applied to all the general science programs since I excelled at sciences. I had always been intrigued by the body and the brain so I applied into neuroscience on a whim, and got early acceptance. My family has always been a Guelph alumni family, so I can say my mom wasn’t too happy I chose out of province over her loved school, but they support me in all my decisions. The moment we drove through Lennoxville on move in day and saw all the people walking about in purple, I knew I found my second home.

2 years later, I am part of the chemistry club, biology club, psychology club, running club, on a volleyball intramural team and I am the head of the pre-med club. Never would I have thought I would be the head of the pre med club in my third year in university, but I am! It is such a blast, I have two other great club heads, and we organize study halls for science students to get together and discuss weekly assignments. We also have 2 speakers coming in November to tell the science students how to apply to medical school and how to get involved at the CHUS.


I’ve grown so much being here so far, and there’s only room for more growing but for now I have a psych paper to attend to,


See you soon Gaiters!



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