Meet Devin Cattelan!

Hey Gaiters!

My name is Devin and I am a 3rd year mathematics major here at BU. You may be asking how I ended up at Bishop’s taking math? Well…I was born and raised in Toronto all my life, and the plan throughout high school was always to go to a big university within Ontario. I have family that went to Bishop’s and raved about their time here, but I never really gave it much thought. That was until my aunt finally convinced me to go check out the campus. During my visit, I fell in love! Recruitment had me stay the night in res, fed me breakfast, gave me a campus tour and even set up meetings with the math departmental chair and the football coach (at the time I was considering playing for the football team). Everyone really went above and beyond. I really felt a sense of community.


The best part about BU is that it is easy to get involved. If you told me four years ago that I would be playing varsity rugby at university, I wouldn’t have believed it. Yet, for the past three years I have played on Bishop’s rugby team and I have taken a lot away from the experience. I have established relationships with teammates and coaches that I probably wouldn’t have, had I went to a different school. I strongly encourage anyone who is even remotely interested in playing rugby to come out. It is never to late! I am also a tutor at the Math Help Centre and a portfolio manager for the SEED Portfolio (a stock portfolio of over $420,000 managed by BU students). These are both excellent opportunities that you don’t see at the undergraduate level in other universities. Both activities provide learning that go beyond the classroom. Utilize every opportunity you get and get involved in the Bishop’s community. Hopefully I see you around on the rugby pitch or in the stands (next home game is October 10th @ 8pm, lots of fun!).




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