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My name is Kate Newhouse and I’m currently a first-year  student pursuing a degree in  elementary education at Bishop’s. I’m a member of  the competitive dance team and the dance club. I also participate in many drama courses and productions. Coming to Bishop’s University can be a super easy decision or a decision that takes a lot of thinking. For me it was the second. I’m from Oakville, Ontario and Bishop’s is about 8.5 hours by car and a 10-hour commute by train or bus via Montreal.  Needless to say I’m pretty far from home. I chose Bishop’s because of their outstanding concurrent education program and graduate employment statistics and, because I wanted to stretch my comfort level at a university far from the luxuries of home. Plus, I wanted to have an opportunity to get involved in many things.  Everyone I spoke to confirmed that this was the case at Bishop’s, so I took the chance and I’m happy I did.


I want to point out just a few things that I was curious about before starting my first year. Things that you don’t really think of until you show up!
What do you do when you don’t know anyone?

Arriving at Bishop’s, far from home and not knowing anyone, was scary and exciting- but mostly scary. My parents helped me move in and that was it.  I was here and did notknow a single person and my parents were on their way back to Oakville. Fortunately, Orientation Week saved the day. During Orientation Week there are many events focused on academic and social aspects of life at university. It’s probably one of the best, most tiring weeks of your life. You wake up early to go off on a scavenger hunt or take part in academic orientation, then you hit Dewies (Dewhurst Dining hall) for lunch, then you’re back out with your “Frosh” team until the early hours of the next morning.  It’s a fabulous week to get to know other students from your residence, or make other connections through your frosh group.
Is it difficult to meet people?

This brings me to another issue that worried me initially – meeting people. I wouldn’t consider myself to be shy but I’m definitely not outgoing so, when it comes to meeting peopleI had some concerns. For the first month, you are constantly introducing yourself and being forced to interact with others; in classrooms, at Dewies, in rez, etc.  I met most of my friends in my frosh group.  I was lucky – my frosh group got along instantly and five of the girls are living together next year. Putting yourself out there can be hard to do if you’re not used to it but it turned out to be no stress at all. Just  remind yourself that everyone is in the same boat.



Some littlethings I want to share…


Gaiter Dollars are very handy:Laundry costs are $1 to wash and $1 to dry. There are machines in the basement of every rez. If you load up your Student ID card with Gaiter Dollars, you won’t need to have change. Just pay with the card..


Dining on campus: Dewies serves decent food . The selection is great and there is a fun “theme “dinner every Thursday. Their cookies are delicious and probably the most common cause of Freshman 15!!


Lennoxville is a cute borough: You’ll find almost everything you could need within a 10-15 minute walk of the campus. Lennoxville has agrocery store, a Société des Alcools du Québec store, a second-hand shop, a Couche-Tard convenience store, many restaurants and the Blue Barn (type of store?).


If Lennoxville doesn’t have it, venturing out a bit further into Sherbrooke will produce results. Downtown Sherbrooke is about a 10-15 minute bus ride direct from Bishop’s. . TheCarrefour de l’Estrie mall has almost any store you can think of. It’s a fun place for a get-away too. They have everything you could possibly need.


The Lion & The Gait– The Lion and The Gait are the pubs here. The Gait is actually right in the Student Union Building (SUB). It’s always  a great time, even more so on a busy night. The Lion is about a 5-minute walk  from Bishop’s and it’s the cutest pub around. The Lion has acoustic Tuesday nights where you can play or simply watch – and hear – your friends play. Wednesdays are Wing Nights (the wings are surprisingly delicious).  Both the Lion and Gait are very versatile, at time they can be very calm places to just have a drink, at other times they  host shows or fundraisers and  can transform themselves into super fun dance clubs.


Bishop’s is B-E-A-UTIFUL in every season! I encourage everyone to go on a hike or just explore the gorgeous campus, it’s a great de-stresser.


The small school experience is awesome! I walk to class and at least say “hey” to one person on my way. Also, because the campus is so small it takes me under 5 minutes to get anywhere on campus!


Bishop’s students are inclusive –      I think it’s cool that Bishop’s students tend not to discriminate between the years. Some of my closest friends now are in 2nd year and regardless, invitations to every social  are opent to all years and often to all programs. Something I know other schools don’t typically offer.


Was it the right decision? 

I want to leave you guys with this: coming to Bishop’s was probably the best decision I ever made.  I know this is a tricky process. You’ll haveso many thoughts while trying to decide what you’re doing and what fits you. There is a  “right” University for everyone and I’m so happy and so proud that mine is Bishop’s!

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  • It’s so nice to hear this! I’m going to start next fall and I’m so excited! It’s so great to hear there’s a dance team and a dance club! How can people join? Are there tryouts?

  • admin
    6 years ago

    Hi Vanessa,

    There’s a dance team and a dance club! Students sign up on club day and have the opportunity to try out for the competitive dance team as well.

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