Meet Zach Lapointe!

Meet Zach Lapointe!


The Beginning…

Cheers everyone,

A new bloggers first blog is quite a difficult thing to write. Usually, this is more of an introduction rather than information relative to the reader. The purpose of these blogs are to inform the student population about various things happening on campus as well as to instil some “Purple Pride” in the students for their University (which is truly  one of the best undergraduate schools in the Canada, if not the world!).  However, it is important for my fellow students to know a bit about who I am. Otherwise it’s like reading a book without an idea of who the author is. You may still enjoy the book, but not at as personal a level as though you had known even a little bout the author. So I’ll give you guys a super quick intro and then start with my first story.

My name is Zachary Lapointe this is my first semester at the lovely Bishop’s University (so far lovin every minute of it!). I am currently majoring in both psychology and philosophy and eventually would like to study law. I live off campus which is (in my opinion) not the best way to experience Bishop’s to the fullest but I’m hoping to live in Res next year.

As many of you may know, up till recently the entrance through the arches in front of campus had been blocked due to construction. The arches had been completely fenced off and thus cut off access to the quad (although there were ways of getting around it of course). This had caused some minor inconveniences for students trying to get to or from classes. However it is my great pleasure to say that the construction is finished and the final result is most impressive! The entrance has been given a freshly paved pathway with a beautiful cobblestone center.  It’s a beautiful addition to this already beautiful campus and was definitely worth the super small hassle its construction imposed on students.

Well there you have it! My first of many posts of what’s happening on campus at Bishop’s for the year 2012-2013! I hope you’re all enjoying classes (and doing well on mid-terms) and I especially hope all the new Froshies are having an amazing first two months here at Bishops!

If any of you want to get in contact with me about a story you’d like me to look into or simply to get to know me add me on facebook or e-mail me at idonthaveafacebookaccount


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