Midterm Madness

Midterm Madness
Hey hey hey!
We’ve reached the midpoint of the semester and the midterm season has just passed! As a resident assistant, the midterm season was a true test of my ability to manage a team. Between the assignments, the group projects, the studying and the midterms, I had to make sure that building wide event was happening and that all of my posters were up for that super cool ball hockey tournament in planning. I’m happy to report that with a little help and motivation from friends, everything got done in time. 
Now that all the stress has passed, it is finally time for everyone’s favourite period of the winter semester: SPRING BREAK otherwise known as reading week for those of us less fortunate who actually have assignments and readings to do during the week. Reading week is a strange thing in residence. As an RA you like being around people and seeing everyone around the building when doing rounds, chatting, catching up, etc. Let’s just say that during reading week it becomes a bit quieter… scratch that a lot quieter! If you are staying in residence over the reading week however, you might be lucky enough that your RA will put on an awesome event for everyone who stayed behind. On the other hand, reading week is the perfect time to take advantage of Sherbrooke. For example, the Sherbrooke Carnival usually happens on the first weekend of Reading week, and this year it’s on the first Saturday. You can go an slide down King Ouest street and do a bunch of fun activities. Check it out here: http://www.carnavaldesherbrooke.ca/
You can also go and explore the city by taking bus 2 to the dépôt station downtown, and while you’re there, why no grab a coffee, some food or a drink a the Siboire? 
Happy Reading Week!
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