Mother Puckers Update #1

Hot on the heels of Alex Paterson’s blog about intramurals, I figured I better make good on his promise and bring an update from the world of the Mother Puckers. Here goes nothin’…

Well, this is it… the “real” season is underway. The first half of the season (semester 1) is basically a tune-up, and pretty unimportant, because the slate gets wiped clean. Now though, we head into the second half, which seeds teams for the playoffs. Seeing as how this is supposed to be our year and everything (as I mentioned in previous blogs) our locker room is buzzing with optimism.

We just had the first game of the second half the other night and came away with a 6-4 win over the “Big Stix” (terrible name, I know). The game played out unlike it normally does, with us jumping to an early lead and then maintaining it all game (although we did let them creep back in it by the end). Normally we claw our way back after a terrible first half, but maybe we’ve changed our ways? (the mark of a true champion)

Anyways… since I can’t remember who scored goals right now, I’ll just get to the player profile this week.

Player Profile: Goalie – Ryan French: First there was Plante, then Roy, Brodeur and Luongo. Now, I introduce to you the next in the line of the great Quebec goalies – Ryan French. Any hockey player will tell you, that you can only go as far as your goaltending, and fortunately we ended up with a pretty good one. Known simply as “Frenchie”, we always seem to rely on his acrobatic saves and his complete lack of positional play to win us games. It’s always slightly nerve-wracking to sit in the dressing room 5 minutes before game time wondering, will our goalie show up? – but he always does, and he’s always there to make the big play too. Thanks Frenchie.

On the iTunes – Franz Ferdinand – My roommate Mike keeps blasting this album, and now he’s got me hooked too… can’t say I’m really complaining though since I’ve been desperately looking for quality new music to listen to… “Lucid Dreams” is one song in particular that is really something else.

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