Mother Puckers Update #2

We had another game the other night and it was a shootout. We won the game about 9-1, I think? Sometimes, they stop keeping score properly when it’s a runaway, so who really knows… Personally, I couldn’t manage to score, but I use the fact that I’m a defenseman as an excuse for a my lack of offensive ability.

The team we were playing was this year’s residence team (or one of them at least) and in some ways it felt like looking in a mirror. This team looked and played a lot like our team did in our first year, so I’m sure they’ll be able to improve by the time fourth year rolls around. Playing together for an extended period of time does wonders for team chemistry and we can attest to that.
I’m not really sure who the stars of the game would have been, but I’d like to give a little shout-out to Dusty Whyte for filling in at goalie for us (Frenchie’s out with a bum knee for a bit).

And, in more exciting team news, we’ll be getting Mother Puckers team jerseys soon! One would think that by the time fourth year rolls around, we would have had some jerseys already, but it’s hard to find someone with enough initiative to get a group of lazy guys organized in such matters.  This brings me to the player profile…

Player Profile: Mark “el Presidente” Lawson – Lawson is a solid, stay at home defenseman on our team and my occasional defensive partner. We don’t actually call him el Presidente, but he’s the president of our SRC (student council), and naturally he happened to be the initiative behind the jersey operation.

On the iTunes – nothing really – I’ve been too busy watching episodes of “The Wire” to be listening to music lately. This show is awesome though. HBO produced it during the early 2000’s (it lasted 5 seasons) and it revolves around crime in Baltimore. Apparently the show is eerily similar to a lot of what was happening at the time and the creator was a former writer for the Baltimore newspaper and followed the police beat, so he apparently pulled lots of the content right from the headlines.

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