Move-In Day Magic

Move-In Day finished in a way that only happens at Bishop’s University and I wanted to share it here!

After the Principal’s Reception, after talking to professors who I will never take classes with but who will chat with me about their research anyway, I offered to take a parent over to the BBQ. She asked what I’m studying, what my plans for the future are, and whether or not I’m considering politics. I gave my go-to answer of not knowing what I want to do yet, but that I want to work with people, and help solve problems.

For some reason, I decided to share more. I went on to tell her about my dream job of working with communities of Olympic host cities, to ensure that the investment in infrastructure isn’t wasted and abandoned after the events. Of all coincidences, this mom just happens to study, and write about this very thing, about arenas and stadiums being built, abandoned, losing money, etc. She tells me about her recent article about Sochi, and about a new book coming out that I should read. We exchanged business cards, and went our separate ways.

It was just one of those awesome coincidences that only happens at BU, and I’m so thankful to be here to take advantage of them and other opportunities like it.

Happy Move-In Day BU! Thanks for another awesome experience!

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