My Bishop’s experience: perfect, fun, enjoyable and magnificent

Bishop’s university holds a very special place in my heart and is somewhere I’ve quickly grown very fond of. After only two semesters here, my dorm feels like home and my friends feel like family. The environment on campus is fantastic, everyone warm, welcoming and excited to be here. The laid back atmosphere creates the perfect balance of working hard and having fun.I also found the acceptable dress code of sweat pants and hoodies very appealing as I came from a high-school with a strict uniform. The passion that Bishop’s students possess is insane, wearing purple, at least three times a week and screaming the school song from the top of their lungs at any occasion they can get.

Before coming here I worried of homesickness and loneliness being from BC and far from home. However, I haven’t had a single moment of homesickness or felt lonely since I stepped out of my small rental car on move in day. Everyone treats one another like family here and the gap between upper years and first years is nonexistent. Everyone I meet is so excited and keen and friendly, and so many people go out of their way to help others. The small town Lennoxville life is also an awesome addition to campus living. I love how everything is at your fingertips, food, classes, the gym, even groceries aren’t far away. I enjoy how everything is close by and walking distance, no need for a car or bus or metro. It’s a much more of a peaceful and relaxed way of life and something I’m sure having a great time getting used to! Overall, Bishop’s has given me the most perfect, fun, enjoyable, and magnificent university experience I could possibly dream up and I look forward to the many more years ahead. Raise a toast!

 Meghan Chase


Me and my Bog Mate on the first day of classes

Me and my Bog Mate on the first day of classes

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