My first year as a Gaiter


I can’t believe my first year at Bishop’s is almost over! So much has happened in so little time, but it also feels like I’ve been here forever. I remember asking myself if Bishop’s was the right school for me, and now I look back wondering how I ever questioned it. This year was a blast! I’ve learned so much, made so many friends, gotten to do so many things that I’m not sure how I managed to do all of them in only 8 months.

                August: O’week was crazy, and by crazy I mean all sorts of it. Crazy busy, crazy fun, and crazy exhausting. I got to meet a bunch of people, some of which I’m really good friends with, and others I see only occasionally in the hallway, but it’s great to see them anyways! Club day is definitely an event to attend; I got to see how many clubs Bishop’s actually has, and there’s even more next year (check them out here and joined a bunch like the photography club and the Residence Event Committee. If you don’t see a club you want, go ahead and create it, it’s really easy! I just created SwingBU (a lindy hop social dance club), it took two weeks and the club was going, so it’s all a matter of commitment.

                September: Through the Drama Department, I got the chance to get involved in New Plays, a festival of student written and directed plays. Auditions are open to anyone and it’s a great opportunity to meet new people and try out new things, as an actor, lighting or sound board operator or even as a stage manager! Plus, the festival ends before midterms so you’ll be free to study! September is also a great month for job searching! As a first year, I didn’t think I would be able to find a job on campus, but it’s actually super easy!  The Advancement Office is a great way to get to know more about Bishop’s and talk to our amazing alumni base, and the plex, Doolittle’s and Dewies also hire students. Some of the greatest opportunities are Tomlinson Interns, which are paid internships specific to fields of studies, so watch out for those! (You can find out about offers here).

                October: ‘Twas a great month! After an intense start, things slow down a little in October with the establishment of a routine. Each month, RA’s (residence assistants) put on events in each rez, and October had my big time favourite: a Harry Potter marathon!  I was really a great time to relax, eat the provided donuts and hang out with other people from Mack. These events are a great way to meet people and learn new things, so I really recommend checking them out!

               November:  This month holds one of the biggest events organized by the Residence Event Committee (REC): Gait Gatsby! That’s right, not “Great Gatsby”, but “Gait,” which is the name of our on-campus pub. I had a great time organizing and decorating with REC, and it was amazing to see everyone come out dressed in 20s fashion, so bring your pearls, sequins, gold, silver and black attire, because it’s your time to shine!

               December: With finals coming, it was a bit hard to stay positive and not give in to the stress, but the Christmas cheer really started showing. Christmas movies were screened and hot cocoa was available. The library and Dewies also offered extended hours just to help us get through exams. And there you go, before you know it your first semester is over!

                January: Get ready, January is decision month. If you had not started before, its time to figure out who your roommates will be for the following year, and more importantly, where you’re going to live. Most leases start in May here, so do your research, both on your apartment and your roommates! And remember best friend doesn’t mean best roommate choice. You can find out about apartment listings here.

              February: Home to midterm madness, February can be hash if you’re not prepared. The key is to plan ahead, and start ahead. There’s also a bunch of events going on, which you wouldn’t want to miss because of studying. The Fashion Show is a really cool event organized by Bishop’s students to raise money for an organisation. You can even be a model for it if you catch the auditions earlier in the year! Make sure you check your webmail to keep up with everything.

              March: Sweet March break may not be a sweet as you think if you don’t plan ahead: it’s a reading week, so you can catch up on your readings and other assignments. Depending on your classes, you might even have midterms after the break, so while you should take the time to rest and enjoy yourself, don’t forget to stay on top of your work. March break is also a great time to invite your friends that live too far to go back home to your own home, and show them around! You get to show off how cool your hometown is and bring back some purple pride to your family! Don’t forget to bring your green gear back from home because St-Patty’s day is the one time BU turns green! Even Dewies makes a special menu to honor the day!

             April: Already packing up, it’s time to say goodbye to friends and have some last get-togethers and make lasting memories before the summer. I’m looking forward to the summer, but I know that not even one week will have past back home and I’ll be dying to come back. Bishop’s really is whatever you make it, so make it grand!

See you next year!

By Rachel McNamara

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