My most memorable moment at BU

Coming from Vancouver, BC, people often ask me how I ended up all the way at Bishops. I can never think of only one thing to tell them off the top of my head, because there are just so many amazing reasons and I can’t just choose one. In these past two semesters that I’ve been here, I’ve felt truly at home and made so many new friends that I have a feeling are going to stick around for a while. I can remember one time when things started to fall into place and I thought to myself; these are pretty awesome friends that I’ve made and this program and school is definitely somewhere I belong. I thought that during a night out with my friends when we went to the BUMS (Bishops University Music Students) formal where we ate, talked with other music students, took photos and had an open mic where everyone was just singing, dancing and playing music, having the time of our lives. Being around all these people and knowing that two of my best friends at BU were part of that crowd I thought to myself in that moment that, being a part of that musical crowd and being able to share my artistic talent is an opportunity that I can’t pass up. I admire how when the upper years were all playing together they were able to just pull songs out of their heads, yelling chord progressions at each other as they go along, composing different songs like they were doing it since they were born. I have since found a home in the music department as the environment is so open and inclusive, no one judges you on how talented you are or how well you sing. This accepting experience has directed my path of study from just taking piano lessons last semester to now declaring a double major in music and psychology.

Another experience that I want to tell you about is the school spirit, and more specifically what happens at the basketball games. I’ve been to a few basketball games at home before, and they were pretty cool but the general spirit was pretty low. My first basketball game here at BU I was amazed and couldn’t keep a smile off my face the whole time. I get there and the stands are covered in people dressed head to toe in purple, and some people even in onesies and various costumes. When someone would score the crowd would go wild and there would be so much sound in the gym that I couldn’t even hear myself think. But what made the BU games so much different from the rest is that everyone standing around the gym leaning on the railings would hit the Plexiglas, adding to the thunderous cheering and even though our team may not have been doing so well the crowd still went strong, cheering at every moment that they could. Overall I don’t ever regret choosing Bishops and look forwards to making many more memories like these ones.

By Hailea Caldwell



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