When I first came to Bishop’s, I actually knew very little about what it would be like to play hockey here. So, if you’re anything like me and you’re interested in coming here, but you need to know how to get your hockey fix, let me shed some light on the situation for you.

Intramurals – You can sign up in Rez to play intramural hockey, and most of the time a team or two gets submitted from the residences. In my first year, my rez didn’t actually get a team in, but I was able to join the team my friends were on in a different residence. Intramurals are a lot of fun, because you normally end up playing with the same group for all four years while you’re here.

Shinny – This is a shinny unlike the kind you might be thinking. Every week, Mon-Thursday (sometimes this varies) there’s free ice time at the BU rink from about 3-430. Sometimes four people show up, other times 30 show up, so its kind of hit and miss, but most of the time you can get a great game of pick up going.
Outdoor Rinks (ODR) – The cream of the crop… Personally I think I prefer playing outdoor hockey to regular hockey sometimes, but that might just be because I do it less. There’s a bunch of places to play around here.

They are:
– Sherbrooke – there are a bunch of outdoor rinks there, but you have to have a car and they can get a bit crowded at times. There are small and big ones, some with change-rooms, some without…

– Atto-Beaver – This is a park near Bishop’s and it’s within walking distance (although you’d probably rather have a car) and it’s not normally too busy. Ice conditions are not always the best, but it’s well lighted and open till about 11 normally.

– Johnville – This is the jewel of the three… In a small little town about a 10 minute drive from Lennoxville there lies one of the best outdoor rinks I’ve ever been too. It’s tucked away beside a farm and a baseball field, and it’s got heated change-rooms, lights, and most importantly, lots of quality, open ice. It’s maintained by a local farmer and it seems to be rarely busy.

On the iTunes – Led Zeppelin – Best Of – This one’s pretty straight forward. Just rockin out with some classics right now.

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