Orientation Week, your first big event on campus!

Congratulations! You have made the best decision of your life! Coming to Bishop’s will create endless opportunities, immerse you in the most amazing, passionate community and leave you with a heart brimming with pride and memories. But you knew that already and you’re ready to start on this adventure! Kicking off your #Ubishops experience is Orientation Week. You may have heard of these kinds of events at other universities, but let me assure you, Bishop’s University Orientation Week is unlike no other!

“So what is Orientation Week?” you may be wondering. O-Week takes place the first week of school and is planned alongside your first few days of classes. This week is jam-packed with activities and events that will focus on both the academic and social sides of Bishop’s University. Orientation Week introduces you to everything Bishop’s has to offer as well as giving you the opportunity to meet with other incoming students and upper years that are happy to show you around and answer your questions. Your six SRC executives, my fellow O-Week Coordinator and myself have spent the summer here on campus planning and preparing for this special event to make sure it runs smoothly and is enjoyable for all!

How is this event different from other universities? We take a very unique approach to introducing you to your new home! The first day you arrive on campus (Sept 2), you will have the day to move in, get comfortable and settled in, as well as meet your Resident Assistants and new neighbours. The next day is O-Week Registration (Sept 3). This is where you will choose a group, lead by 4 upper-year students, who will guide you and the rest of your teammates through the ins and outs of Lennoxville for a full week. Another team of upper years act as our Judges and will be facilitating activities between Oweek groups that allow you to meet other first years in your same position. Your group will be made up of students from all different programs, backgrounds and walks of life. This helps create friendships outside of your classes with people who you might not ordinarily meet once classes start, something that really differentiates us from other universities.

Orientation Week will show you what it truly means to be a Gaiter. This is where you will meet some of your closest friends and fall in love with the University. It can be tough to leave home, but waiting for you is a team of over 150 volunteers with open arms who want to show you the excitement and potential BU has to offer. I cannot wait to meet you all and introduce you to this school. My passion for #Ubishops is endless and I know yours will be too!

Amanda Moore
Orientation Week Coordinator 2017-18



Welcome Gaiters! I know you’ve already heard it but I’ll say it again, choosing to study at Bishop’s University is one of the best decisions of your life! I’m confident with saying that it is by far one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! It truly is a home away from home. With such a tight-knit community, Bishop’s has an energy and atmosphere like no other.

When you first arrive on campus, you will be greeted by upper-year students who will show you to your room and help you move in, which just goes to show how much we care about each other and help out our fellow Gaiters. You will meet at least one person on Move-In Day who will remain a lifelong friend, and the many more people you will meet and interact with during the orientation week will compound your first impressions on the incredible atmosphere of our little oasis town of Lennoxville, Quebec.

The students of Bishop’s University #BleedPurple on a daily basis, and this enthusiasm really takes place with all the school related events. You won’t believe the energy that this place has, that the students have, and that even our professors have. At every school event, sporting game, and just walking around campus, you will always see a familiar face.

When it comes to academics, we work hard. We have a unique work-play balance and an effective approach to out-of-classroom learning experiences. Bishop’s is not just about a wonderful social life, the school has so many endless academic opportunities. And every professor that I have come across has been dedicated to the students’ success.

Orientation Week is your first big event on our campus and we are working diligently to plan an amazing week for you all. You will feel the sense of pride we take in our purple kingdom the day you set foot on campus. The whole Bishop’s community is so excited to meet you! The energy and atmosphere are like no other, and I just can’t wait to introduce you to the campus and greet you with smiles!

Mark Freedman
Orientation Week Coordinator 2017-18

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