Pinball (inspirational) Wizard

I am well aware that there have been plenty of blogs already written about Michael “Pinball” Clemons coming to speak at Centennial Theatre on Monday, and this blog is no different.  What do you expect?  For one, this was another great chapter of the Donald lecture series, and was thus arguably the highlight of the week at BU.

Like many of the people in attendance, I was anxious to hear the legendary figure of the Canadian Football League give a lecture on leadership.  Not only am I an avid football fan, as well as a connoisseur of Clemons’ career, but anyone who has heard the man speak will tell you that he’s one of the most electric personalities known to man.  I went into the lecture knowing that Pinball could step up on stage and speak Greek for an hour, and I’d most likely still leave entertained and somehow inspired.

Clemons did not disappoint.  From the moment that he set foot on that stage in Centennial, he had the ears and eyes of the audience in the palm of his hands.  This man breeds enthusiasm.  Not once during the presentation did I find myself bored, tired, or lost.  This could have been because I’m not sure that Clemons took a breath for the hour and 45 minutes he “took the stage” (he was bounding all over the auditorium, from the stage, to the aisles, to having a seat in the back row).  I don’t know what was more impressive; the way Pinball maintains his energy, or how the two bottles of water up on stage remained completely untouched.

I must be frank about two aspects of the lecture.  One, I think Pinball Clemons is a little loose.  Not to be confused with enthusiastic, Clemons actually may have unbalanced levels of something in his body.  At times he would go off on tangents with such enthusiasm that I was actually convinced that what he was saying was pertinent to the topic, even though it wasn’t at all.  Second, I don’t know how a lot of his stories actually had to do with leadership.

But who cares?! Regardless of the subject matter, I still left content and inspired after nearly two hours of listening to this one-of-a-kind athlete/motivator.  However, I’m still trying to figure out what I’ve been inspired to do, but once I figure it out, I’ll have Pinball to thank.   

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