Reading Week= No Class!

Congratulations, BU! The cold, dark winter semester is half over which means reading week is upon us! That’s right… one full week without any classes! Reading week means that many gaiters will be heading down south where a warm and sunny beach awaits them (jealous), home to clean laundry and home cooked meals (also jealous), or staying in the lovely Lennoxvegas. Speaking from experience, staying in Lenn can be great and relaxing…. as long as you keep yourself busy. The idea of lounging in your purple sweatpants and ordering dominos is a perfect way to kick off the break, however, staying cooped up in your apartment for the whole break will not yield good results. Trust me. Take the opportunity to pick away at those readings that we all know have been neglected or take some day trips to Sherbrooke. Wellington Street has some cute shops and great cafes. Have you seen The Lego Movie? If not, I highly suggest this fun and intriguing film. Plus… the upbeat sound track will be stuck in your head for at least one week. You will understand once you see it.

Personally, I will be in the library working on papers, however, I do recognize the necessity of taking some time to do nothing at all. My plans include visiting the newly rebuilt Shalimar Restaurant on Queen Street (delicious Indian food!!), getting some extra volunteering in at Boutique Encore, and re-watching all three seasons of Suits before mid-season 3 premieres.

For those of you leaving town for the week- Enjoy! For those of you staying in Lenn for reading week- stay busy and enjoy the quiet!

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