My Semester Two Excitement!

My Semester Two Excitement!

Hey Gaiters,


I hope you are all enjoying being back at BU, It’s seems like we never left. I am enjoying my classes so far this term, really interesting. I am also very excited about all the super fun things coming up.


One class I took this semester is sculpture. It’s really cool so far. I am an education major, French as a second language minor, so this is a class that I wanted to take to just figure out what it’s all about. Today we put plaster into a garbage bag, let it dry, and then peeled away the garbage bag to reveal our form that we were going to carve into for the next 3 months. What a cool experience- I was really hesitant about this at first, but I found it to be so relaxing just carving away at it. I am pretty proud of how it’s looking too. I can’t wait to see what I learn and how my piece turns out.

I am the dance club assistant coordinator as well as the fundraising coordinator and the three major events that dance club fundraises for and looks forwards to are our Competition in New Brunswick, The BU Fashion show and our year end showcase. All three of these events are in second semester; I know we are all very excited!

As I said we are travelling to University of New Brunswick again to compete in the Atlantic Colligate Dance Competition and our routines look really good this year, a big jump from last year, which is always nice to see. I think we have a good shot at bringing home a win for BU again(above is a picture of our winning group from last year). It is also an awesome weekend of team dinners and bonding, which is a really nice part of being on the dance team; We are all friends and spend lots of time outside of dance together.

Fashion Show is also coming up in February and I was chosen to be a choreographer for the dancers in the fashion show. The dances are well on their way and I cannot wait to be back on stage dancing for the amazing charity “team one X one” and for our gaiters. Such a fun event for all included.

Another exciting thing for me is my placement. In second year of the education program you get teamed up with a teacher in a local school and you visit that school every week for the whole year. I was teamed up with an awesome associate teacher at Sherbrooke Elementary School. She teaches me so much and really encourages me to do a lot in her classroom. I am able to teach lessons, give one-on-one help to students and even create and implement my own mini-units. This is truly a unique thing about Bishop’s. In second year this doesn’t happen at many other universities. I really value my placement and it has really proven to me that I am going to be an awesome teacher and it is truly what I want to do.

Well that’s all for now BU,


P.S- Let me know if there’s something you would like me to write about.

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