Where Did September Go?

Where Did September Go?

Hey Gaiters!

Well where does the time go! I was soooo excited to be back and start my fourth year, but now I’m having some serious FOMO (fear of missing out) for what is to come after I leave BU. September came and went all too quickly, new students are here and all settled and midterms are about to begin.

Frosh week was fun to watch and participate in, my parents stayed to watch the game on Move in Weekend, which the Gaiters won! WOO, I loved having my parents come to visit, even though it’s so far. After they left, we went to gaiter gardens, which is still my favourite night of frosh, as everyone mingled under the tent in the quad. Club day on the Wednesday was cold, but fun, as the Pre Med Club tried to rally new and interested science first years who want to get involved.

Homecoming was a hectic weekend and a gorgeous one too! The rugby team celebrated their 30th anniversary; which meant there was a lot of , and it was cool to network at the Happy Hours with Bishop’s alumni from all over Canada. It really ceases to amaze me how many different people come to this school.

Between going to classes and all the fun September brings, I’ve managed to get out of the bubble and go to North Hatley for a few day trips with the girls, since the weather has been so nice. Apple picking in Compton and lunch in North Hatley helped separate a long weekend of studying post Homecoming. Also, when I can’t escape the bubble, I get some friends together and we have a pot luck, it’s good to take the break and enjoy some really good food.

Speaking of pot lucks, the Pre Med Club has their first pot luck October 4th, along with a wine and cheese in November and the Blood Drive volunteering.

October plans to be a busy month especially with Thanksgiving here next weekend! I am so excited to go home for some pumpkin pie and turkey! You can see the library beginning to get busy as everyone is getting into midterms, I know I am! Study hard so that you can enjoy the time out more! (something I seriously emphasize to all)

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