Ski season

At last Thursday’s Happy Hour at The Gait, there was a fundraiser for the Bishop’s Ski and Snowboard club, one of the most popular clubs on campus.  There were drink specials, as well as a raffle (which included sweet prizes) to raise money for the club.  Feeling lucky, I bought a $10 worth of tickets in hopes that I could win the free season pass to Jay Peak in Vermont, one of the best ski hills in the Eastern US.  Sure enough, I won the pass!  While overjoyed to be the proud owner of my first season pass to a great hill, I was also immediately determined to put such a fortunate prize to use.  Essentially, I didn’t want to let too much work get in the way of me taking advantage of this opportunity.  I reflected on my past few years at Bishop’s an realized that I have never taken advantage of the skiing opportunities in and around the area.  I do like to call myself a skier, despite being from the flat plains of Manitoba, but yet I haven’t taken advantage of the hills that I have the chance to enjoy for about 5-6 months of the year.  Jay, Owl’s Head, Bromont, Orford, Sutton, Le Massif, even Mont Tremblant, are all hills that are easily accessible from Bishop’s if you have a ride.  The ride isn’t even that tough to find.  There are so many adamant skiers and boarders at Bishop’s, and thus with the same goal in mind, a great day on the hill, asking someone for a ride is surprisingly easy.  After winning the pass, I asked the president of the club to put me on the e-mailing list for rides going south to Jay.  Talk to ya stateside!

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