Sorry, I’m Involved

Ah ha! A scenario I can actually say I am intimately committed without a shadow of a doubt, is with my beautiful school. The greatest thing you can do for your education is go above and beyond the classroom by dipping into as many ponds as possible through the Students’ Representative Council, Off Campus activities, On Campus employment, you name it. Since day 1, I have dabbled in a few areas, and been able to get a feel for my campus and what’s beyond the bubble. Our modest population allows you to be a leader in any capacity you want. Right now I’m heavily involved in Recruitment, in my 3rd year with Best Buddies (pairing students with cognitively disabled adults), and spread myself around various other events and clubs around campus. I suggest mixing up the pot to maximize your time here… Throw some peer tutor volunteering in with some humanitarian involvement, work for the campus pub and ride hard with the ski club. Take action, get involved and you could be running the Amnesty BU Chapter before you know it. From experience (a very brief stint at the University of O… too obvious, U of Ottawa), I know that big schools don’t have this luxury. You are in a group with 50 or 100 other people, diluting your voice with every number. BU allows you to shine this way, lead by example, make changes and help develop your education outside the box. They can even help you discover new career paths, but who wants to think about that just now… it’s family dinner time (room mate dinner every week. Sushi anyone?).

What’s Spinnin’? Blitzen Trapper – Furr. I found this fella on a downloading frenzy on New Year’s Day.  I scoured the inner bowels of the internet to find offbeat top 50 lists of 2008.  This was IndieRock Café’s #1 – don’t be fooled by the Hipster name, it’s a great music resource.  Anyway, what was I saying? Right, I want to say if in a perfect world, Bob Dylan and Elliot Smith had a baby, and it grew up, and then I married it, it may sound a little like Blitzen Trapper…

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