Sports studies’ Laura Crack’s teaching treadmill

In EXS117: Active Lifestyle, Fitness and Health, we explore the principles of physical activity (from leisure activities to structured exercise programs) and how they contribute to physiological adaptations related to the components of complete fitness. We discover how these adaptations impact health through the biopsychosocial lenses. Exploring course material so relevant to everyday life provides a great opportunity to foster community in the virtual classroom. In my experience, small efforts can go a long way. For example: on the first day of the semester, we did a quick getting to know each other workshop. I asked students to fill out an online survey regarding their goals for the course and some personal fun facts, as well as challenging them to 20 extra minutes of moderate physical activity. In return, I gave a mini-lecture introducing the course and myself from the elliptical machine – after all, let’s practice what we preach!

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