Spring Break

Ever since I’ve seen movies that involve Universities and Spring Break, I’ve always wanted to go to some beachy, sunny place- or, at least, some place that might not be the same place I’ve been in for the past semester.

But sadly, for the past two years that I’ve been in Bishops’, I’ve ended up just staying in Lennoxville. And somehow this year ended up being interesting- and has a lot to do with the people I’ve met here and also stayed on campus during the sad week of campus that is Spring Break.

However, this year, instead of staying indoors and watching movies like a hermit, I decided to go around Sherbrooke and Lennoxville and do some explorin’.

I’ve discovered a few things, the number one thing being that there’s always something to do:

  • Visiting different spots of interest in Sherbrooke like the Fine Arts Museum, churches, local stores, local murals, lovely, gushing rivers and bridges, and attempting to visit the Parliament building.
  • It’s a time to catch up with movies from the past such as Grease- along with the new live remake of Grease!- Miss Congeniality and Ella Enchanted. Who doesn’t want a fierce heroes and heroines that are both beauty and brains with a dash of sing-a-longs and comedy.
  • Staying up till 3 am talking about everything under the sun along with the learning new things about friends and realizing things about other people.
  • Finally having different types of food that I’ve been craving weeks. A friend and I finally had the Lebanese food we’ve been talking about for the past semester, reminding me of my love of all food things Lebanese and Garlic Sauce. A group of friends also finally had Indian food, finally sating my desire for Butter Chicken and Mango Lassi.
  • Getting the time to watch Dead Pool, which was a long time coming and totally worth the time, especially because of Ryan Reynolds, the dark comedy and the Fourth Wall.
  • And most importantly, getting the chance to sleep in and catch up with sleep by using all 7 days as catch up days, holla.

Spring Break gives us time to take a break from work or, at least, catch up with things that need catching up. Especially this year, it reminds me that there’s so much more to be seen and to be done especially in the world created by and around Bishops.




”Promenade de la Gorge”, Sherbrooke

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