Student Colloquium—Food for Thought


Every day, students get notified by e-mail of the many events which happen each day on campus. We get bombarded by so many invitations that it becomes difficult to remember which ones we chose to attend!

When you find yourself participating or organising an event, however, all you hope for is that others will read those messages, see your posters, and attend in great numbers!

And that is my hope for next week’s Food for Thought Student Colloquium.

Having worked with other students and professors in the History Department as well as the Crossing Borders Research Cluster to organise this event, as well as having prepared my own presentation as a participant in the colloquium, I would love for people to show up—but not anyone!

I want those who are interested in the subjects examined to come. Those who wish to learn more about the role food plays in today’s society, or on the development of regional cuisine, for instance.



For sure, some people will come for the free snacks—but with this particular theme, it would be ironic to ‘hate’ on them!

With Research Week just ending, it is nice to remind ourselves that students can get recognition for their work at all times (and not just on transcripts). Colloquiums are a great opportunity for researchers to share their results—at our undergrad level, it is fantastic to be able to say that you have participated in such an academic event.


So be proud of those essays, Bishop’s. Be proud, and share the knowledge!


PS: In exactly a month from now, I will be done essays, and my time at BU will be over… Wait, WHAT?!

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