Student Spotlight: Mauladad Bashar Doost

Bishop’s student Mauladad Bashar Doost arrived in Canada in 2019. As a newcomer to Quebec, Doost attended full-time French immersion courses at Cégep de Sherbrooke. It is during these courses that he first heard about Bishop’s University. He found himself to be quite interested and started doing some research, and then attended an Open House. For Doost, Bishop’s had everything he was looking for in a university.

         Bishop’s was Doost’s first and only pick for university. The more he learned about Bishop’s, the more he was interested. It was unlike any other university he had heard of, being a small institution in a quiet area of Quebec. “English isn’t my first language, so knowing that Bishop’s is a small university where I am able to ask my teachers questions and to clarify things was really a bonus for me,” he shares.

Doost is in his second year at Bishop’s doing an Honours in Political Studies, a major in Philosophy, and a minor in International Studies. Though there were some language barriers for him at the beginning, he explains that Bishop’s offered many resources that allowed him to improve his English and get better grades. “The Bishop’s Writing Centre was of great help; I was able to get my essays corrected before handing them in. They also provide students many different workshops about all facets of writing which really helped me as well,” he adds.

Doost is also a General Councillor for the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) and the Assistant to the President for the Politics and International Studies Association. He is also a member of the Canadian Council for Refugees Youth Network in Sherbrooke. Doost explains that with more than 70 student clubs run by the SRC, there is a club for every type of student and every interest. He shares that he believes it is important to get involved and to join clubs at Bishop’s to get to know more people and make new friends.

“There are countless things that make Bishop’s such a great university. Bishop’s is a very supportive environment with a lot of resources to help students succeed in their academic lives. The professors are very approachable in class and outside of class. The campus is also so beautiful, and it’s located in the heart of nature,” he states. These are just a few things that make Doost’s experience at Bishop’s one of a kind.

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