The Summer I Ran Away to Prince George, BC

803 kilometres from anyone I knew, I began the summer as an unfamiliar face in an unfamiliar town, Prince George – BC.


At the end of a curving, misdirecting road, I found the house I would be staying in for four months. It was surrounded by newly uncovered forest, remnants of snow lining the clearing. I would get to witness the coming of Spring for a second time.

I have a terrible habit of getting myself into things without really comprehending what I’m doing. One day I was staying in Lennoxville to enjoy my final Spring semester, the next thing I knew – I was jumping on a plane heading for BC. Which is why it didn’t truly click in that I was in it alone until I found myself faced with the task of unpacking.

New town, new job, new people. New people who I had to live and work with for the next four long months.

Beginnings are the best part, traveling is exhilarating. Arriving is stressful, and building momentum can be downright terrifying.

Or that’s what I felt like, at any rate.

Soon enough as the weeks went by I would settle into the best job I’d ever had. I took a position with the 2015 Canada Winter Games as a Communications Coordinator. A position outside of my field of study, but I planned to make the most of it.


If you are every considering of taking a summer position outside of your comfort zone, I wholeheartedly recommend it. You will learn so much.

Don’t be intimidated by the distance or being away from friends. It’s 4 month experience that can drastically change and shape you as a person.

And it’ll be worth it.

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