Summer is Here!

Hey BU,

First of all I hope everyone stayed safe during the flood and that there isn’t too much damage to anyone’s houses or apartments. Natural disasters are un-predictatble and scary, but hopefully they didn’t affect anyone too much. I have to say if anyone can handle the flood it’s Bishop’s. We made the best out of it.


I am officially done second year!! 😀 This is such an exciting milestone in my life as I am half way done my undergraduate degree. I packed up my stuff for the summer and said goodbye to the roommates, now I am on my way to watch my brother’s final home lacrosse game and be a part of his graduating brunch. He is done his university career in just a few weeks. 🙂 Such a proud sister moment.

My family at my brothers high school grad.

I am excited to be invited back as assistant camp director to my summer camp this year. I have been planning the weeks and getting ready for this for a while, so I cannot wait to be back there again this summer and start working.

I also cannot wait to catch up with my friends who I haven’t seen since christmas and some not since last summer. I want to hear what they’re up to and go on fun adventures and have fun like we always do.

Summer is such an exciting time for me, but I know I have so much to look forwards to next year at BU. I already can’t wait to get back. These four months will fly by and I’ll be back at BU soon. 🙂 Enjoy your summers gaiters and we will see you on campus in the fall.

Kate 🙂


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