A “Super” Start to 2015!

Hi Gaiters! Welcome to, or back to Bishop’s!

Orientation Week has just finished and this year is off to a great start. Alex and Alex (the Orientation Week coordinators) did a great job of planning “super” events to welcome all the new Gaiters to Bishop’s!

Frosh Week Judges

I am going to start off the year by giving you a few tips on how to make your first year AMAZING!

  • First of all – GET INVOLVED! No matter what your interests are, I am sure there is a place where you can get involved. Bishop’s is full of opportunities so pop by Club Day and sign up!
  • Second – attend as much as possible. Every week at BU there are events for almost everyone and I encourage you to go out and attend all the events you possibly can. Give them all a chance, they will most likely be a good time!
  • Third – remember why you are here! Sure, there is a lot to do at Bishop’s in first year, but remember to focus on school and try not to fall behind. It’s easy to do and you don’t want to be behind for the next few years.
  • Fourth – find help when you need it. Life may be overwhelming with the schoolwork and all the changes that come with first year, but BU offers many different services to help those in need! All you have to do is look it up on the Bishop’s website. Take advantage of what is available for you!
  • Lastly – don’t forget to stop and look around. First year is busy and so much fun, but it goes by to fast, so make sure you “stop and smell the roses” and enjoy the little moments too!

I know this is going to be a great year at Bishop’s! It’s already off to a great start!

Good luck and have fun!




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