Surviving Midterms at BU

Hey BU!

So I don’t know about you guys, but I have been super busy. I am taking six courses this semester in hopes of making my last year here easier. The dance team went to New Brunswick where we did some amazing dancing, then just a few days ago we performed at the annual charity fashion show which was so much fun, theatractiv just finished it’s performances and in the midst of all that we are in midterm season. I always find midterms sneak up on me, I feel like we are just back from winter break and we’re already half way done second semester, what happened?

Midterms I find to be really helpful. I know the studying part is a drag, but after midterms is when you know: how a prof likes to mark, what kinds of questions that ask and most importantly you know where you stand in the class and whether you are understanding the concepts and are on the right track or if you really need to kick it up a notch to be where you want to be. Whether your midterm is an essay, project or test, or maybe you don’t have a midterm this time of the year is always when everyone feels slightly overwhelmed by their work load.

Bishop’s being that its such a small amazing school has so many awesome things that can really help you this time of year. We just had mental health awareness week where many speakers and events were offered for everyone to just talk about all the stresses that we go through. There is also a tutoring system set in place and the writing help centre. Many awesome resources for us students.

In all of this stress I make sure to find time for things that make me feel less stressed. I like to go for a walk, go to the gym, watch movies, paint my nails, knit, talk to friends and keep organized. Keep your agenda up to date and just conquer one thing at a time. Bishop’s is an fantastic school with great resources so take advantage of them to get through midterms successfully.

Reading week is just around the corner. Good luck gaiters,

Kate 🙂


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