Ten Tips to Stay Healthy as a Student!

Below are 10 tips that I think are some great ways to stay an overall healthy and well round student. A couple might sound a bit harsh but let’s be real… are probably true!


  1. Eat Breakfast

Eating a nice big breakfast before a long day of class can keep you from feeling hungry and cranky all day. Have some protein in the morning, such as a couple eggs, to help stop craving for food early in the day again.


  1. Drink lots of water

Drinking lots of water throughout the day has a ton of benefits including boosting your concentration, helping control your calories and keeping you hydrated.


  1. Exercise

Go lifts some weights, register for a yoga class, join an intramural team or go for a swim! Exercising has unlimited benefits so make sure to schedule it in your week.


  1. Don’t study until 5am

Staying up all night and sleeping in until noon the next day will not be as productive as going to bed at a more reasonable time and getting up early to study again.


  1. Don’t procrastinate

If you start studying several days (or more) before your exam you are going to feel less stressed and much more prepared.


  1. Call your parents

They miss you a lot (especially if you’re the first child in your family to go off to school) so why not give them a call a couple times per week.


  1. Stay organized

Plan out each week and make sure you complete everything you wanted to. Getting into a routine each week with your classes, homework and exercise schedule will make this a lot easier.


  1. Don’t eat too much junk food

Go ahead and have a couple cookies but don’t eat six per day… A good way to split your meals is to have one third protein, carbohydrates and veggies each with a fruit on the side!


  1. Be social

Make an effort to always be making new friends! Sit beside new people in class, work with new people in a group project or just meet people around campus!


  1. Go to class

Remember that you (or your parents) are paying for school so you don’t want that to go to waste! Plus, you should probably try and learn a couple things as that’s the point, right?


There are lots more ways to stay healthy as a student and it varies between each person too. Hope these help and feel free to comment below with any other ways that you stay healthy!!!

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